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Our philosophy

We believe that the product can have more lives, that’s why we produce totally recyclable and reusable cardboard tubes and cores. We are attentive to the environment and ecology, our plant is powered by renewable energies, with inventiveness and creativity we can think beyond the tube and develop new uses for our products.

The qualitative approach

Tecnopaper takes care of all stages of the production process to ensure high quality through a technically advanced testing laboratory.

The quality of our finished product is the result of the careful analysis of input raw materials, the control of production processes, the method of checking the finished product during the production phase and the post-production control at 24/48 h.

Modus operandi

We love to follow step by step every moment of product realization, we like to get involved with your ideas and projects. That’s why, tube, packaging or something more creative, what we produce is the result of the shared work between us and you.

To allow you to experiment and realize your ideas, we have chosen to develop a structure suitable for both small and large batches, without forgetting the timings, a true strategic factor in a dynamic market.

There is no customer satisfaction without the quality of the product, so we pay special attention to the implementation phase to meet your expectations.