How to recycle Christmas gift packaging

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How to recycle Christmas gift packaging

You can face the opening of Christmas gifts in a sustainable way, thanks to recycling, but above all thanks to the reuse of Christmas packaging.

You are not very creative and now are you wondering how to reuse gift boxes and packaging? Here are our suggestions.


1. Use the cardboard of the boxes to create games and molds for your children. For example, you can cut out many squares and create a memory game with the pieces obtained from the cardboard box.

2. Did you receive one of our hatboxes for Christmas cake? There are so many ways to reuse them! We like to keep and reuse them as boxes to store objects and accessories and to keep the wardrobes tidy.

3. Not just hat boxes, if you have received other gifts packed in our cardboard tubes, we suggest reusing them, and there are so many ways. You can transform them into original plant pots or, more simply, decorate and use the paper tubes as a pen holder or make-up brushes holder.

4. Gift wrapping paper, bows and ribbons from Christmas gifts can be stored and reused for future packages. How to reuse it if the paper scraps are too small to wrap other gifts? Use creativity and transform them into colorful bookmarks or original place cards for the New Year's Eve dinner.

5. If you have leftover corrugated cardboard boxes, you have the ideal raw material to build many different games and constructions for children. With the boxes you can create cardboard reproductions of household appliances such as cardboard washing machine or TV, build a mini-castle and a doll's house in cardboard, or create many different games: cars, animals, and objects of all kinds with leftover boxes.


Reusing packaging materials and extending the life of gift packaging is a way to help the Planet and spend the holidays in a sustainable way.

How do you reuse gift packaging?

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