Round cardboard eco packaging with lid

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Round cardboard eco packaging with lid

We have studied the ideal dimensions to contain various types of products and give a unique unboxing experience with our paper tube, to create round eco packaging 100% recyclable and sustainable.
We provide you the standard boxes, you can personalize them with your logo and your creativity with adhesive labels, stamps or ribbons.

The two standard models are covered with kraft brown paper. Simple and natural, this color is perfect for a minimalist and eco-friendly brand, but also for those looking for a neutral packaging that enhances the product inside.
Kraft paper can have slight color variations.

Our standard box is available in two sizes:

- diameter 90mm and total height of 125mm (105 base and 20 lid)
- diameter 90mm and total height of 195mm (160 base and 35 lid)

These sizes have been designed to fit many different products: from honey and jams jars, chocolates and sweets, clothing accessories, party favors and gadgets for events, candles and vases, small design objects, sets of cosmetic products.

We listened to artisans, local producers or simply those who need few boxes to package their products and we have created these standard round boxes, always available without MOQ, just for those who are looking for an original and sustainable packaging in small quantities.

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Are you looking for custom packaging? Write us your request here and we will happy to design with you a perfect packaging solution.

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